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EcoFort MGS binary polymer coating can be applied on clean metal surfaces using normal sprayer, roller or brush at wide range of temperatures (from -40C to +70C) for utilization in C1-C4 environments. Application surface does not need to have a uniform roughness or white metal preparation prior to coating application. For C5M and C5I environments or for protection against direct contact with corrosive materials, a top coat of EcoFort MXS is applied. The final coat of either material can be modified to incorporate any non-organic material including anti-slip abrasives and tints. EcoFort MGS can be used during emergency repairs as metal to metal bonding agent achieveing up to 1.85 MPa adhesion steel to steel.  


Integral reinforcement of a concrete can be achieved by applying EcoFort CAN10 to a surface of existing concrete slabs. EcoFort CAN20 can be used in case where new concrete has up to 20% moisture content. EcoFort CUT can be used on top of EcoFort CAN products for surface reinforcement and protection. EcoFort products can also be applied in a layered approach by using EcoFort CAN, EcoFort CUT and EcoFort CFL layers to reinforce structure against extreme mechanical or chemical damage.

Small cracks can be repaired by EcoFort CAN or EcoFort FLX (where elasticity is required) material injection. EcoFort CAN injections do not require high pressure equipment due to low viscosity of the material. Larger crack are cold welded by filling the gaps with EcoFort CFL and EcoFort CUT materials post EcoFort CAN application. EcoFort CUT is applied as top, protective layer.


Use Case: Metal Surface Protection and Repairs
Use Case: Concrete Reinforcement
Use Case: Concrete Slab Integrity Restoration
Use Case: Waterproofing


Waterproofing can be achieved through application of EcoFort materials in several ways:

1. EcoFort CAN materials can be used for positive and negative integral concrete waterproofing with EcoFort CUT applied as protective coating against corrosion from calcium and salts in the water.

2. EcoFort spray-on waterproofing membrane can be applied for positive side waterproofing of foundations.

3. EcoFort FLX products can be injected into joints for waterproofing applications.

In case of water actively leaking through a concrete crack, EcoFort FLX2 can be injected to stop leak and allow crack integral repairs.

Use Case: Concrete Re-forming


For concrete shape restoration, EcoFort CAN20 should be applied to clean concrete surface to serve as anchoring material. EcoFort CFL mixed with water to desired viscosity should be applied on top to restore shape. Once polymerized,EcoFort CFL can be further shaped and polished by sanding or grinder. We recommend to apply EcoFort CUT protective coating on top to protect the surface against any mechanical or chemical erosion. 

Use Case: Surface Recoating


EcoFort coated surfaces can be retouched up to 10 years from initial coating by applying EcoFort R reactivation agent. The agent will reactivate polymerization reaction allowing additional EcoFort coatings to be applied on top of existing coats.

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