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CreteForce Materials

CreteForce is a family of polyurethane based, patented polymer materials for concrete and steel reinforcement, rejuvinations and increase intermaterial adhesion.​ CreteForce materials are designed to react with each other forming strong bonds, creating a uniform slab. Bonding deteriorates much slower than with epoxy materials, with solution lifetime up to 30 years. 

Unlike crystalline materials, CreteForce materials become completely chemically inert after polymerization. The materials are safe to use with no exposure limits established by OSHA, and not regulated for carcinogenicity. 

CreteForce are versatile materials with multiple applications in new construction and in restoration projects. We help property and infrastructure owners and managers to reduce total cost of ownership through increasing time between maintenance and repair activities.  



CreteAnchor is an anchor material that enhances concrete properties and improves adhesion of other CreteForce materials. Due to it's viscous properties, it penetrates concrete to up to 6”, seals and reinforces the concrete for the inside.

CreteAnchor can improve concrete quality when used as an additive to a lesser quality concrete.

CreteAnchore requires shorter surface preparation and application times, comparing to traditional materials.

CreteAnchor Type B can be applied on wet surfaces making in a perfect solution for extreme weather applications.


CreteFill is a polymer cement product designed to interact with other CreteForce material for added effect. It is and inexpensive filling solution for larger gaps and dents in concrete surfaces.

CreteFill reacts with CreteAnchor, CreteArmor, CreteExtra and CreteBind for further reinforcement and increased adhesion. It can be applied as standalone material on top of CreteAnchor and further reinforced by CreteArmor or CreteUltra.

CreteFill comes in two types: Type I – 60 Mpa; Type II – 85 Mpa

CreteArmor forms a hard shell around concrete, protecting concrete against weather effects, erosion, wear and cracks.

CreteArmor binds to CreteAnchor forming a uniform slab that will not flake or peel. It can also be used to protect CreteFill from weather effects and erosion.

CreteArmor is also used as concrete to concrete or concrete to decorative stone bonding agent.

It can be mixed with tints and anti-slippery materials, providing for multiple surface finishing options.

CreteArmor has a deformation coefficient of 10%.


CreteFlex is a bonding agent with high deformation coefficient (40%). It forms a soft, rubber-like shell around the surface of concrete or steel. 

CreteFlex reacts with CreteAnchor and CreteFill forming a strong bonds, preventing peeling or erosion of material.

CreeteFlex can also be used to connect steel to concrete or seal deep cracks. It is designes to protect steel from corrosion.

CreteFlex is an excellent adhesion agent for metals and decorative elements.


CreteUltra is an all-in-one solution, combining benefits of CreteAnchor and CreteArmor while providing highest level of reinforcement and surface protection. CreteUltra is a binary bonding agent for concrete and steel. It has high deformation coefficient and temperature expansion coefficient matching steel.

CreteUltra is perfect for repairing steel structures (oil tanks, ship hulls, etc.). It can also be used as an alternative to CreteArmor as a finishing material for concrete surfaces in heavy traffic areas. 

CreteExtra Type II can be used in emergency situations in presence of water or oil / chemical pollutants  and does not require any surface preparation.

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