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Advanced Metal and Concrete Protection Materials

In 2008 CreteForce products revolutionized concrete surfaces protection and restoration in North America. After numerous successful projects across multiple industries we used the experience gained and customer feedback to further improve our materials and make them even more cost effective. Late 2016 we introduced the second generation of our advanced materials, EcoFort.

Structegra EcoFort™ polymer coatings are designed for restoration and protection of concrete and metal structures in extreme environments against wide range of hazards. From weather effects to mechanical damage and exposure to corrosive chemicals, EcoFort™ coating help you restore and prolong lifetime of existing structures in the most cost effective way.

Structegra products are easy to apply and do not require extensive surface preparation, making them ideal for emergency repairs and service in remote areas with limited logistics conditions. Our materials have been field tested in range of environments from arctic to tropics and successfully used by our clients around the globe.

EcoFort™ is the second generation of coatings being stronger, faster and even more cost effective in  large number of applications. From waterproofing and restoring concrete structures, making these maintenance free for 15+ years to protecting metal structures in C5I and C5M environments including direct exposure to corrosive chemicals, our products are quickly becoming favorite choice for marine and military applications.

With new generation of products Structegra is introducing a new way to protect your investment in our coatings. EcoFort™ R     allows you to reapply the coating material on top of old coat even after 10+ years of service.


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