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In 2008, as NGL Group we have brought revolutionary concrete and steel protection, reinforcement and restoration materials to North American market. Since then we have completed numerous projects covering all industry sectors. Our clients include military, government agencies, airport authorities, large property management companies, municipalities, transportation companies, energy industry, and waterproofing services companies.

In 2014 we changed our name to Structegra Corporation. We focus on metal and concrete protection against delamination and corrosion, structural integrity restoration and reduction of total cost of ownership of structures. We provide advanced materials, as well as research and consulting services to customers worldwide. 

Our Vision


Structegra Corporation offers EcoFort, polymer concrete and metal reinforcement and protection materials. Founded in 2007 as NGL Group, Structegra works with military, governments, marine industry, property owners, engineering firms, construction and restoration companies, as well as municipalities, transportation companies, and energy industry, providing cost effective solutions, prolonging lifetime and time between repairs of concrete and metal structures.


Our technology  offers multiple benefits over traditional technologies such as epoxy or crystalline. Unlike our competitors, we do not rely of extensive and time consuming surface preparation, and majority of our materials can be applied in the field for emergency repairs. Our products are chemically inert, once polymerization is complete and can withstand contact with chemical materials including alkaline, acids, various oil and petroleum products. EcoFort coatings are designed to work with each other, enhancing adhesion properties and protecting against material erosion. Our materials significantly prolong life expectancy of concrete decreasing concrete, steel, and bonding deterioration, providing overall solution lifetime of up to 30 years.

We are industry innovators with new EcoFort materials being developed and tested. We offer special versions of our common materials that can be applied in extreme weather conditions, underwater, and even in presence of oil or gasoline pollutants.   

Structegra Corporation has vast experience in repair and restoration projects and offers both consulting services, helping clients apply our materials in most effective way to achieve best structure longevity results, as well as full restoration and repair services worldwide.

Structegra Corporation is a Toronto based, privately held company, specializing on metal and concrete protection, reinforcement and repair products

At Structegra, customer satisfaction is a fundamental part of our commitment to excellence. We provide solutions for metal surfaces protection and repairs, reinforcement of concrete structures, waterproofing, concrete and steel structural integrity restoration, emergency repairs under extreme conditions, focusing on prolonging structure lifetime and decreasing cost of ownership through reduction of maintenance cost and repairs.

Structegra Corporation is comprised of two divisions focusing on customers and industries we serve:

  • Structegra Advanced Materials division is focusing on our innovative products, working with our partners and distributors.

  • Structegra Consulting Services works with customers and partners across multiple industries developing solutions for construction and restoration projects that utilize EcoFort materials.

Structegra’s success has been driven particularly by a strong focus on R&D and knowledge coming from vast application experience. The result has been a solid track record of innovation and successful projects.  

Company Profile
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